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Southeast Products/Biofuels Marketer Buys North Carolina Terminal

Lincoln Terminal Co., a Southeast oil products and biofuels marketing and logistics company, recently announced that it has acquired the Eco terminal (former Crown) in Charlotte, N.C. expanding its terminal network to four.
Besides the new Charlotte terminal, Lincoln has two operational terminals in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Fredericksburg, Va., and it is building a third storage/rail facility in Chattahoochee, west Atlanta.
The Charlotte terminal has a total capacity of 130,000 bbl, and serves gasoline, ULSD, ethanol and biodiesel. The terminal has good tankage flexibility for different products and automated biodiesel blending will be an added service. The terminal is complementary to Lincoln’s growing Southeast terminal footprint and aligns with the company’s biofuels marketing effort in that region. Automated biodiesel blending is important to Lincoln and offers a convenient terminal solution not available in Charlotte today.
“Eco had made improvements and maintained the terminal well during its ownership. Lincoln is completing further improvements including truck staging, enhanced loading efficiencies at the rack and additional product services.” Larry Burgamy, president of Lincoln, told OPIS (Oil Price Information Service)
The terminal will resume operations in March following these improvements, he said.
In west Atlanta, Lincoln had acquired 45 acres in the Chattahoochee terminal community to construct a 90-car unit-train delivery facility with 24-hour unload capability.
The Atlanta facility will offer rail services for light oil products, butane, biodiesel and ethanol. The project, located on the Norfolk Southern, is expected to begin construction promptly.
Lincoln markets as well as trades biofuels across the Southeast through the company and third-party facilities. Lincoln’s products marketing is primarily through niche facilities. The company is active in the Southeast from Maryland to Georgia and Tennessee with expansion north into Ohio and Kentucky in 2016. All companies combined, the 2016 projected sales are expected to exceed $1 billion in revenue.
Originally published by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)