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Quality Counts

Quality Counts – In Product

Lincoln is a leading provider of biofuels, which includes both ethanol and biodiesel sales. For each, we ensure the highest quality standards are consistently maintained for all biofuel solutions delivered to you. We require a certificate of analysis from each of our biofuel suppliers as a means of authenticating the quality levels we promise in our fuel products.

Our ethanol meets the ASTM D4806 standard specification for denatured fuel ethanol for blending with gasolines for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel. And, as a marketer of biodiesel, our products meet the ASTM D6751 quality standards and specifications for biodiesel blended distillate fuels.

Quality Counts – In Service and Logistics

We leverage the industry’s best metering systems at all of our biofuels locations for efficiency and economic gains. This system allows us to provide an immediate, detailed bill of lading to anyone of our customer’s choosing. Having this type of accurate documentation immediately available is a convenience and benefit to our customers.
Throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, Lincoln offers strategically located distribution and blending facilities. Key partnerships also allow us to effectively serve customers through an efficient regionally-positioned unit train distribution, storage, and blending facility. Our dedicated tanker fleet provides a cost-effective and efficient means for addressing specific transportation needs. This advantage allows our customers to receive turnkey services without having to take on the burden of managing distribution and logistics challenges.