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Expertise You Can Trust. Superior Service.
Value for a Competitve Advantage.

Superior Service

Lincoln delivers the expertise, trust, and value customers demand for today’s biofuels solution needs. We bring over thirty years of experience to the petroleum and alternative fuel industry gained from retail ownership, transportation, storage operations, and wholesale fuel sales.

Quality Counts

Lincoln is a leading provider of biofuels, which includes both ethanol and biodiesel sales. For each, we ensure the highest quality standards are consistently maintained for all biofuel solutions delivered to you. We require a certificate of analysis from each of our biofuel suppliers as a means of authenticating the quality levels we promise in our fuel products.

Delivery Points

Locations for our petroleum and biofuel solutions are conveniently located throughout the Eastern US to effectively serve customers across the region. This distribution network coupled with a growing transportation fleet allows Lincoln to meet the demands of customer locations throughout the area.